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Reach patients you've never been able to reach before.

Introducing Serials™: Binge-worthy email publications that generate awareness, familiarity, and trust with out of market buyers: people who aren't searching or shopping yet but will be soon. Earn trust with tomorrow's patients today, before they know your competitors exist.

What are Serials™?

Like your practice's own  health, beauty, and aesthetics magazine delivered exclusively through email. We plan and produce them. You license and send them.

All value

Serials™ are purely educational. No pitch slaps. Tomorrow's buyers aren't looking for treatment and procedure education yet. They want help solving problems on their own.

Early start

For the first time, serials™ put you in front of future patients earlier than ever before: before they enter the market or start shopping for procedures you offer. Be first to mind.

Bigger market

Since most people aren't in-market most of the time, serials™ tap into a much bigger pool of potential buyers you've never been able to reach before. Like, by a lot.

Bigger paybacks

Serials™ prime people to want to choose you in advance of purchase. So when they do enter the market, more people will already know, like and consider you- and pay more.

No competition

Until now, it's been too difficult or too expensive to reach and influence out-of-market buyers. Earn trust with future patients before they know your competitors exist.

100% white-labeled

Trust earned is yours. We produce serials™ then  personalize them to your practice: colors, logo, important links, and more. Heck- you can even change the name.

Like a newsletter?

Not at all.

Did we mention exclusive?

Be the only person in your region with your serial™. Strict market exclusivity. Competitive advantage guaranteed.

Exclusivity. You get exclusive rights to use and promote your serial in your region. No one else.

Market freeze. License any five (5) cities within 20mi. of your practice. Extended licenses available.

Limited supply. Only 99 sold, ever. Even if nobody in your region has licensed it. First come, first serve.

Sell more, more often, by reaching a bigger pool of potential buyers.

The truth: Most people don't know you exist. Why? Because 95% of future patients aren't in-market at any given moment (1), yet your marketing only targets the 5% of prospects interested in treatments and procedures right now: B/As, websites, ads, treatment videos, procedure education, testimonials, events, specials... Stop competing for the last-minute attention of fewer prospects who know nothing about you. Earn trust with tomorrow's patients today. 

For the first time, serials™ help you generate awareness, familiarity and trust with out-of-market buyers by helping subscribers identify and solve aesthetic problems on their own- without treatments or procedures. Reach a bigger pool of potential buyers. Become their anchor of expertise. Win their hearts before they know your competitors exist. Prime them to choose you in advance of purchase. Bigger market. Bigger paybacks. No competition.

Reach more future patients

It's called the 95:5 Rule: At any given moment, 95% of buyers aren't in-market looking to buy yet. And they won't be for months or years. Reach a bigger pool of buyers by meeting them where they spend their time: out of market.

Sell more, more often

Grow base sales (# of sales that come through your door even when marketing is OFF) by priming out-of-market prospects to choose you in advance of purchase. And stop relying on promos for sales uplifts.

Market where competitors can't

Out-of-market is a ghost town. Historically, it's been too expensive to reach and influence long-term. Take advantage: Earn trust with future patients before they know your competitors exist. Be first. 

Reduce dependence on SEO

Reach people before they start investigating problems you solve, so when they do, they'll go directly to your website for answers, not Google.

Grow profit and cash flow by reducing price sensitivity.

Why does so much of your business come from word of mouth referrals and existing patients? Trust. People rarely buy from brands they don't know. Serials™ establish you and your practice as a trusted anchor of expertise by taking a clear POV on the most important topics in your industry, and by associating your expertise with what you sell. 

Not only does trust prime people to want to choose you in advance of purchase, but it also helps reduce price sensitivity, which makes you more resilient to competitive pricing. Grow brand preference so you can maintain margins or charge more for functionally identical or undifferentiated treatments and procedures. 

Reduce price sensitivity

In a competitive market, people revert to the brands they know, like and trust rather than risk an unknown brand with a lower price. 

Avoid price wars

Become more resilient to competitive pricing by becoming your region's go-to authority. Trust knows no price war. 

Increase margins

At a profit margin of 20%, maintaining sales following a price increase of 1% delivers five times more profit than a 1% rise in volume. 

Differentiate the undifferentiated

The icing on the cake: Charge more for functionally identical treatments, procedures, and devices. 

Make next  year's sales goal easier to hit.

Let your existing marketing (B/As, reviews, patient journeys, treatment videos, ads, procedure education, websites, promos, events) do what it does best: convert demand for you and your practice efficiently. Let serials™ create demand for you and your practice so your current communications have more to convert.

Serials™ make next year's sales goal easier to hit (and the following year's even easier) by seducing more and more people to your brand in advance of purchase. When trust comes before offer, and relationship comes before need, the same marketing you've always done will perform better. 

Convert more offers

People are more receptive to your offers when they already know, like and trust you. Warm the market. Convert more offers, quicker. 

Skyrocket ad conversions

Use email addresses to retarget ads and event invites to subscribers on social, or to find lookalike audiences who match their profile. 

Shorten sales cycles

It takes the average cosmetic patient five months to choose a provider. Cut that in half. People who prefer you upon entering the market need little convincing. 

Increase word of mouth

Do people make referral suggestions for brands they've never bought? All the time. Give non-patients a reason to spread the word too. 

Fill the hole in your practice's marketing program.

Reach and influence tomorrow's patients today.

Do it all without creating a single piece of content.

Serials™ are pre-produced in our content studio by real thought-leaders in health and beauty (LEs, RNs, PhDs, RDs, MScs, skincare chemists, beauty editors). Then licensed and sent by you. No planning or producing content. No hiring in-house content creators. No work required. We write, design, and develop emails, then personalize them and upload them directly to your email software. Show up. Every. Single. Week. Without creating a single piece of content. 

Stay top of mind, always

Serials™ send 2-3 emails/week. 104-156+ emails/annually. Earn trust quick, keep attention long-term, and stay top of mind always.

Trust your reputation to experts

Serials™ are written by LEs, RNs, PhDs, MScs, and beauty editors from Elle, Heathline, Allure, et al.. Then medically reviewed by real MDs. 

100% white-labeled

We personalize every email to your practice: Logo, author photo, brand colors, important links, author bio, etc. You can even rename your serial™.

Setup included

We upload emails directly to your email software. Set up a landing page (included). And automate every email. No work required. 

Serials™ sold separately. 

Serials™ include just the content. Promote them in-house, with your existing agency, with one of our certified partners, or with us. Your choice. Hit the button to learn more!

Put growth on autopilot without spending a small fortune.

Grow a sustainable, predictable, long-term flow of new patients and profit without spending a small fortune. How much? It costs us well over $100K/annually to produce a serial™. It costs you from $200/month to use one. Thats it. That's less than $10/day

How? Our business model. Because we can sell the same serial™ to more than one practice while maintaining regional exclusivity, we can over-invest in quality while dropping the cost to you. Now, for the first time, long-term brand building is sustainable.

Pay monthly


Pay monthly and get started for the lowest cost.

12-month commitment

$400 One-time setup 

30-day money back guarantee

Pay annually


Pay upfront (12 months) and save $720/year, every year (12% OFF).


12-month commitment

$400 One-time setup 

30-day money back guarantee

2 years upfront


Pay two years upfront (24 months) and save $132/month (40% OFF).

12-month commitment

$400 One-time setup 

30-day money back guarantee

"I selfishly want all of our clients to know about serials™ because I think it will give us an advantage with their marketing. I firmly believe that the philosophy with which Drew is approaching marketing is what the next era of digital marketing and patient acquisition is going to be all about."

Max Baybak
Chief Strategy Officer, Influx Marketing

In the media

Listen to Drew as he chops it up with Eva from RealSelf and Max from Influx Marketing about a new frontier in marketing your aesthetic practice.

Will they match my  brand?

Yes. We customize emails to include your practice info, logo, links, etc.  But your serial™ needs to sell itself too, which is why we brand them with distinct names, themes and designs. 

Can I trust the content?

We work with real experts, not professional Googlers. Think: LEs, RNs, MDs, skincare chemists, and beauty editors from major media publishers. Plus all content is medically reviewed by real MDs. (*Editorial board coming soon)

Do I send it to existing patients?

Serials™ are meant to attract new patients to your practice. So you'll start a new "list" with your serial™. But you should also promote it to your existing patients. They'll forward it to their friends ;) Just don't opt them in without their permission.

When will it pay off?

If you're looking for immediate sales, this is not it. While serials™ will deliver quick wins, they're designed to create future demand for you and your practice. They'll make immediate sales more abundant in one year, not today. 

Where does this fit in my marketing?

Best to think of marketing comms. as immediate prospects (in-market ) vs. long-term prospects (out of market). Serials™ help you create future sales and cash flow by reaching tomorrow's patients (out of market) today.

How much work do I need to do?

Literally none. We write, design, develop, upload, and automate emails. But if you want to contribute your own issues, segments, offers, event invites, etc., you can! Templates included.

Frequently Asked

Own your channel. Own your audience. Market smarter.

No algorithm, flagged Instagram posts, shadow bans, sensitive content, community guidelines, Google update, or rising ad costs can stop you from communicating directly with potential patients, for free, through email. Transform email from a spam channel to a brand channel.

Facebook posts reach less than 2% of followers. Instagram engagement has declined 30% in two years. And less than 50% of Google searches result in a click. The writing's on the walls. Grow your own audience, on owned land, before it's too late.

Future-proof your marketing

Stop relying on third-party channels that you don't own or control. We know how that ends. Grow your own channel and audience. 100% future-proof.

Keep attention

Marketing isn't about who shows up; it's about who stays. Don't just earn attention, keep it (w/o having to moonlight as a TikTok dancer).

Invest in predictability 

Email outperforms social in # of users, time spent per day, engagement, post reach, conversions, customer preference, and ROI. 100% proven.

Market smarter

Every dollar spent on ads, events, or ephemeral content (social) leaves nothing in its wake. Every dollar spent on serials™ produces an asset that appreciates with time and size: your audience.

Browse serials™

Marketing as binge-worthy as Netflix.

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Diet Detox™
Weight loss, women 30-70
No Sleep Club™
Mothers, age 30-60

Out now!

Market exclusivity. Only 99 sold, ever. First come, first serve.



Preorder now!

Market exclusivity. Only 99 sold, ever. First come, first serve.

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